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Expand North Star, hosted by Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, is excited to introduce Launchpad for the first time. An accelerated Market Entry programme created to provide founders and startups with tactical resources to launch or expand their businesses in Dubai, covering essential information, support and incentives.

Launchpad is a comprehensive programme and free of charge with advance sign-up, and consists of a series of workshops, discussions, private briefings, and networking events. Moreover, it showcases a selection of service providers that support business growth and setup, including free zones, banks, insurance providers and more.

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  • Pillar 1:  - Private Briefing with the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy for info-sharing sessions for founders to understand the opportunities in Dubai – join a selection of ecosystem leaders for the meeting on the DCDE stand in Hall
  • Pillar 2:  Guided Tour: Taking an intimate group of founders on a 60-90mins curated journey through the show introducing them to all UAE ecosystem initiatives and business-setup related exhibitors within the show. 
  • Pillar 3: Hands-on workshops: - Sunday – Wednesday: a dedicated 40 pax workshop room, where partners and enablers will be delivering intensive hands-on workshops. Partners will lead 1hr workshops for pre-application audiences. Topics to include set-up, business opportunities, legal, regulatory framework, visas, banking, free zones, co-working spaces, hiring and recruitment, business incentives and more.
  • Pillar 4: Prize Fund: - All applicants will be eligible for a chance to secure a prize in business set-up support by DCDE.
  • Pillar 5: Spotlight Conference: Join the Spotlight stage on Day 1 in hall 3 to discover what the UAE ecosystem has to offer to support global startups, ease regulations and get financial backing. Learn what top sectors are excelling in the tech space and how you can benefit from the conversations. 

Key Features and Benefits of the Prgramme

Exclusive Insights and Expert Guidance

Access to invaluable market insights and expert guidance from the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy and industry leaders equipping you with an understanding of the vast opportunities and potential for growth in Dubai that will empower you to make well-informed decisions for your startup.

Networking & Collaborations

Forge valuable connections with fellow entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and potential partners during our meetings program. Participate in business matchmaking, roundtables, and buyer events to unlock new opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Accelerated Market Entry

Launchpad UAE provides the support and resources to expedite your market entry process. With local expertise at your side, you can overcome challenges effectively and establish your business faster, saving time and resources.

Comprehensive Business Enablement

From legal guidance to finding the right banking solutions and co-working spaces, our programme covers all aspects of business enablement. Focus on building your business while we handle the administrative hurdles.

Global Exposure

Expand North Star attracts a diverse international audience, offering your startup unparalleled global exposure. Share your vision with a receptive audience, attract potential investors, and elevate your brand's presence on an international stage.

Immersive Entrepreneurial Environment

Experience Dubai's vibrant entrepreneurial culture, a city known for its supportive ecosystem and innovative spirit. Connect with inspiring success stories, exchange ideas with like-minded individuals, and ignite your entrepreneurial passion.

Accelerate Growth Potential

Launchpad UAE acts as a catalyst for your startup's growth. Take advantage of the resources, mentorship and opportunities provided to fast-track your expansion plans and establish your presence as a prominent player in the UAE market.


Comprehensive Ecosystem for Business Establishment and Growth

Banking and financial solutions: A range of banking and financial solutions to support businesses, such as business accounts, loans, and investment opportunities.

Legal firms: that can offer information and guidance on how to establish a business, including legal requirements, regulations, and necessary documentation.

Visa information: Visa requirements and processes for individuals looking to establish a business or work in the UAE.

Free zones: Designated areas that offer various benefits to businesses, such as tax incentives, simplified regulations, and infrastructure support.

Co-working spaces: Shared workspaces that offer flexible and cost-effective options for businesses to operate.

Hiring and recruitment: Resources and support for hiring and recruitment, including access to job portals, recruitment agencies, and information on labor laws and regulations.

Business incentives: The Programme provides information on various business incentives available, such as tax breaks, grants, and subsidies, to encourage and support business growth and development.

Launchpad serves as a catalyst for the growth and success of startups and global businesses looking to launch or expand in Dubai. By leveraging the resources and opportunities provided through this programme, participants will be well-equipped to navigate the competitive business landscape and thrive in the Dubai market.

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