Government Industry Academia Collaboration Hub

One of the largest initiatives for collaboration between government, industry and academia in the MENA region.

What is GIA Hub?

Government Industry Academia Hub (GIA Hub) is one of the largest initiatives for collaboration between government, industry, and academia in the MEA region.

It aims to bridge the gap between the three ecosystems to enhance economic and social development in our countries by improving the quality of education and fostering innovation in the academic sectors. This will, in turn, improve the employability of youth and promote the implementation of technologies in industry and government sectors.

GITEX Technology Week, Expand North Star
15th - 18th, October 2023

GIA Activities

GIA Forum

Regional Panel

Discussing collaboration between universities and academic institutions.

Academia Panel

Discussing the aspects of collaboration between different countries in the same region in Academia, Industry, and Government.

G2G Panel

The government-to-government forum is the collaboration of two countries to discuss the aspects of social and economic collaboration between them.

Industry Panel

Collaboration between different industries and discussion on the latest updates, technologies, and opportunities.

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Government Industry Academia Exhibition (GIA Exhibition)

Reach the Right Audience!

Attending the GIA Hub allows you to reach your target audience. It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand, boost your business’s image, gain media (and social media) exposure, and overall draw attention to your business. It can also help you stay ahead of the latest innovations in your industry.

As an exhibitor, you will have access to the MEA market and Government-Industry-Academy. You will have the opportunity to meet with various participants from over 27 countries.

Sponsors Space

For Sponsors, you can build your own space in the Government Industry Academia Hub

Partners Booths

A special Booth in the Government, Industry, and academia Hub space, including construction, Screen, electricity, and infrastructure.

Startups Pods

You get a startup stand in the Government, Industry, and academia Hub space, including construction, electricity, and infrastructure.

Government Industry Academia Circles (GIA Circles)

Government Industry Academia Hub (GIA Hub) allows you to network and matchmake with your potential customers from Government, Industry, and Academia in the Middle East & Africa. In the GIA Circles, you can network, match, meet, collaborate, and sign agreements.

Government Industry Academia Lounge (GIA Lounge)

Offers Government Industry Academia (GIA) partners the opportunity to network with each other and arrange meetings.

Government Industry Academia Community (GIA Community)

Become part of the innovation ecosystem with more than 250 entities in the Middle East and Africa.

MoU Signing

Government Industry Academia Circles (GIA Circles) grants you access to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with your prospective customers through its Flagship Conferences and Exhibitions.

Government Industry Academia Challenges & Hackathons

The Government Industry Academia Hub (GIA Hub) hosts an annual world-class innovation program in conjunction with the Hub's activities.

Arab IoT & AI Challenge

Africa IoT & AI Challenge

UAE Hackathon

GreenTech Hackathon


Government Industry Academia Regional Mentorship Program

It is a professional mentorship program designed for different regions. It facilitates innovators’ access to different markets in different regions through speed networking.

  • Co-investment partnerships between angel investors
  • Co-mentorship partnerships between mentors
  • Shadowing between more and less experienced mentors/investors
  • Business partnerships between mentors, startups, and investors
  • Matchmaking between startups and investors/mentors